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Bringing Sexy Blue Penguins Back to WalMart

(since 2006)

reavers won't get us!
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Are you a poopie head?

Missing the Still_Flying chat?

Here's where members can post excerpts from chats that they thought were funny.

Free wheeling and open we are, unless the fei-hua starts flying. Don't make me abuse my power. grrrrrrr argh.

So, yeah, the chat's nominally about Firefly, the greatness of Joss, and evilness of Fox. But honestly? Who knows where the sucker will end up?

  • If you're in here, you can post whatever tickles your fancy.
  • If it's not chat-related, well, then, it's off-topic.
  • Have a new interest? Let me know.
  • All (most) posts from chat should be "friends only" to protect privacy.
  • Cut-tag long posts and any NC-17 insta.
  • Any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., let me know.

emungere made the shiny icon.

skripka and sffan are the maintainers.

kelly_girl is our official motto writer:

"It's not about the destination, it's about the porn."

What do all those bizzare words mean?
Who are all the crazy freaks?