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Let the Games Begin! - Bringing Sexy Blue Penguins Back to WalMart

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Still Flying
TWoP ScienceFiction Forums (Firefly Thread)

February 11th, 2004

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08:06 pm - Let the Games Begin!
minalasahlit (9:10:34 PM): "vibrator races"?
JulesRae417 (9:10:34 PM): night!
tortiemew (9:10:38 PM): I'll bring mine...
Rosheen12 (9:10:39 PM): yes
minalasahlit (9:10:40 PM): I'm not asking, just boggling.
llaraselene (9:10:48 PM): me too, liss
EvlFree (9:11:00 PM): nite puff puff
(9:11:00 PM) puffgirltwo has left the room.
Rosheen12 (9:11:17 PM): will they go in a straight enough line for a race?
tortiemew (9:11:32 PM): depends on the vibrator.
Rosheen12 (9:11:36 PM): or just rumble about in the same general area
tortiemew (9:11:39 PM): one of mine kinda swirls around.
EvlFree (9:11:44 PM): can they have a decathalon?
EvlFree (9:11:47 PM): hee
Rosheen12 (9:12:01 PM): I suppose
llaraselene (9:12:12 PM): ha
Rosheen12 (9:12:26 PM): but I;m not sure how you'd jusge say, the javelin throw
EvlFree (9:12:43 PM): hee
emungere (9:12:47 PM): hee
tortiemew (9:12:49 PM): the 50-second orgasm?
Rosheen12 (9:13:02 PM): not judging that one
EvlFree (9:13:12 PM): the floating, waterproof one is going to leave the others behind
tortiemew (9:13:13 PM): it doesn't need a judge. whoever comes first wins.
InfiniteJester37 (9:13:21 PM): what about more like figure skating - they get judged on technical and artistic merit?
EvlFree (9:13:24 PM): okay behind was the wrong word
llaraselene (9:13:30 PM): *dies*
emungere (9:13:37 PM): heee
tortiemew (9:13:38 PM): artistic merit, I like that one.
llaraselene (9:13:39 PM): free! hahhaaaaa
Rosheen12 (9:13:40 PM): yes, but you'd need to have someone judging to make sure there's no cheating
tortiemew (9:13:45 PM): technical merit--what, you judge it on how much it can do?
Rosheen12 (9:14:18 PM): tecnique
Rosheen12 (9:14:33 PM): compulsory movements
InfiniteJester37 (9:14:33 PM): hmm...certain moves would get a higher rating
tortiemew (9:14:44 PM): well, then you hve to have categories.
tortiemew (9:15:08 PM): there's the bullet vibe, the battery vibe, the electric ones, the dual-action ones, the dildos...
EvlFree (9:15:15 PM): "and number 150 is trying the dangerous double loop and a half with the swing back!"
Rosheen12 (9:15:24 PM): ha!
Rosheen12 (9:15:35 PM): Free will be doing color commentary
tortiemew (9:15:39 PM): because it's not fair to ask a bullet vibe to do something a dual-action can do.
tortiemew (9:15:46 PM): the poor bullet would get inadequacy issues.
EvlFree (9:15:51 PM): vibrators whoo!!!!
InfiniteJester37 (9:16:07 PM): "had trouble completing this move in the warm up, let's keep quiet as they make a 2nd attempt"
EvlFree (9:16:12 PM): hee
Rosheen12 (9:16:20 PM): ha!
Rosheen12 (9:16:33 PM): hey did you ladies scare away the boys again?
tortiemew (9:16:39 PM): "Cleanup on mat 5, please? We had a lube spill."
Rosheen12 (9:16:43 PM): hee
emungere (9:16:46 PM): only chris
InfiniteJester37 (9:16:47 PM): lmao
emungere (9:16:52 PM): heeee becc
llaraselene (9:16:58 PM): hee! becc!
tortiemew (9:17:15 PM): the Vibrator Olympics!
tortiemew (9:17:32 PM): winner gets a lifetime supply of lube and batteries.
emungere (9:17:45 PM): lol
EvlFree (9:18:09 PM): freestyle gymnastics will be loud
tortiemew (9:18:11 PM): I want to test vibrators and sex toys for a living.
llaraselene (9:18:26 PM): ha, free!
Rosheen12 (9:18:45 PM): well, if my bosses plot to create an adult toys category on our site ever comes thriugh
Rosheen12 (9:19:17 PM): I'd hire you in a heartbeat to do that a create product descriptions

llaraselene (10:30:52 PM): ack
llaraselene (10:30:59 PM): the fuck?what
llaraselene (10:31:02 PM): haaa
emungere (10:31:05 PM): we know what you mean *g*
llaraselene (10:31:10 PM): what is happening?
llaraselene (10:31:26 PM): possessed !!!my keyboard is
emungere (10:31:31 PM): lol
ceh0162 (10:31:32 PM): welcome to the special lhel
llaraselene (10:31:37 PM): !no, really
ceh0162 (10:31:41 PM): oh man
ceh0162 (10:31:44 PM): poor dani
ceh0162 (10:31:45 PM): lol
llaraselene (10:31:51 PM): *cries*
ceh0162 (10:31:57 PM): *pets*
llaraselene (10:32:15 PM): , jeebus now and still morewhat happened? just
ceh0162 (10:32:24 PM): omg
emungere (10:32:25 PM): eek
ceh0162 (10:32:45 PM): possessed by yoda she is
llaraselene (10:32:46 PM): I'm afraid to type anything
llaraselene (10:32:50 PM): oh wait
emungere (10:32:52 PM): heee
llaraselene (10:32:56 PM): it's okay now
llaraselene (10:33:08 PM): *looks around*
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