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Zzzzzap from on high - Bringing Sexy Blue Penguins Back to WalMart

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Still Flying
TWoP ScienceFiction Forums (Firefly Thread)

February 4th, 2004

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04:45 pm - Zzzzzap from on high
Hirschdj: I've been is such an odd mood all day
sffan5000: thus the carrot porn
Hirschdj: it really wasn't porn yet
emungere: hee
Hirschdj: just porny thoughts
EvlFree: it was carrot UST
Hirschdj: and now I thinking about a little side story about lester the lusty legume and his love for Manny the Mexican Jumping Bean
EvlFree: ha!
sffan5000: hee
Hirschdj: except its hard to picture beans in erotic positions
Hirschdj: its going to be a challenge
emungere: heee
Hirschdj: though beans do burst if you get them too hot
llaraselene: bumping sprouts?
EvlFree: "bean lovers die in tragic sex accident"
Hirschdj: poor little beans
Tasschap: carrot porn??
Tasschap: eh gads...
Hirschdj: two peas in a pod would be interesting, but I think it would be incest
emungere: i have faith in you q. i'm sure you're up to the challenge
sffan5000: snerk
Hirschdj: it's hard goal, but I truly believe its a worthwhile endevour to make sure no one can look at a salad with a straight face ever again
EvlFree: so a salad would just be an all out orgy?
emungere: lol
sffan5000: snerk
llaraselene: a salad sounds like a massacre
sffan5000: ooo
EvlFree: hee, that's not dressing!
Hirschdj: ew!
llaraselene: freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
sffan5000: and it brings it's own lube too
sffan5000: er its
llaraselene: omg
sffan5000: that stupid
Hirschdj: I am both disgusted and horrified with you sick, sick people
emungere: heeeee
llaraselene: hee
EvlFree: hee
sffan5000: suuuuure you are
EvlFree: oh god
llaraselene: yeah
sffan5000: you're all smug at having corupted us
Hirschdj: me, smug?
sffan5000: i can sense the smirk AAALLLL the way up here
Hirschdj: I'm just your plain old boring innocent pirate queen
Hirschdj: I've never had a naughty thought in my life
llaraselene: haaaa
llaraselene: am I dreaming this?
EvlFree: *waits for lightning to hit q*
llaraselene: this feels like a dream chat
Hirschdj: lightning?
Hirschdj: from god?
Hirschdj: isn't that a wee bit kinky?
EvlFree: from Johnny Depp</lj-cut?
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