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Still Flying
TWoP ScienceFiction Forums (Firefly Thread)

January 20th, 2004

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09:11 pm

vchrusch2004: Politics in general are scary
vchrusch2004: Canada's basically a one-party system anyways....
sffan5000: yup
sffan5000: or maybe one and a half?
7:30 PM
vchrusch2004: nah

cheetofey: I NEVER would have guessed you folks like oral simon
skrip: /sarcastic font, much?
sffan5000: hee
skrip: LJ is all wonky lately
cheetofey: that they are
vchrusch2004: It is
sffan5000: it is
cheetofey: I would *never* /sarcastic font

sffan5000: eli, saw Asylum, need hug
sffan5000: *sniffle*
emungere: awww *hugs*
sffan5000: *wah*
sffan5000: poor woobies
emungere: i have it on tape, but i'm afraid to watch it
sffan5000: and? I am an evil evil person
emungere: i knew that
sffan5000: the ep was sooo slashy
sffan5000: inappropriately so in some cases
emungere: hee
skrip: oh, sf's evil. *loves evil sf*
emungere: such as?
sffan5000: or rather....my brain went slashy inappropriately
sffan5000: well...just the whole Lex so desperate and happy to see a friend
sffan5000: and all I can keep thinking is: He's touching his face!
sffan5000: OMG
sffan5000: kiss him
sffan5000: kiss him
emungere: lex and clark are *never* inappropriately slashy
sffan5000: i'm awful
skrip: hah, eli
emungere: the clex is appropriate for all occasions

sffan5000: and omi's new shirt?
skrip: *sniffle* stupid broken vcr thing.
sffan5000: who the hell did he buy that from? a rent boy?
emungere: omg, omi's shirt
JulesRae417: heeee
skrip: no GEpE for skrip.
emungere: maybe it was yohji's idea of a joke gift
sffan5000: hee
emungere: aww, poor skrippysue
skrip: considering how much yohji gropes omi
skrip: maybe it wasn't such a joke
emungere: heee
sffan5000: yeah yohji isn't stupid
sffan5000: but still, it's just a ploy to make aya jealous
skrip: no, yohji=slut
skrip: that's all
sffan5000: hee
emungere: heee
skrip: slutty gay florist assassin

cheetofey: Does that mean I've been trying to talk her into getting the DVDs a little too much?
sffan5000: possibly
sffan5000: *g*
skrip: but...
skrip: that's good, right?
LastWingedThing: You can never try too much.

cheetofey: aw damn, skrip's was bigger than mine
minalasahlit: Hey, Free!
skrip: :-P den
minalasahlit: That sounded dirty.
emungere: free!
cheetofey: t'was intended to lissy
skrip: we're rapidly forcing den to the dark side
JulesRae417: heee
JulesRae417: I'm so proud
cheetofey: I think I've found my second home

cheetofey: *uses the bondage tape to keep SF in the room*
vampire1fan: hee!
emungere: heee
sffan5000: hee
skrip: *wants to know where den is getting her bondage tape*
vampire1fan: always good to keep some in stock
8:20 PM
cheetofey: I have my own secret stash Skrip, would you like some?

cheetofey: OK, Skrip, this is SO bizarre.
skrip: okay. first half of dishes conquered with aplomb
sffan5000: yay
skrip: ?
emungere: woo
cheetofey: Your LJ entry where I could see the html is suddenly clean
cheetofey: and do my dishes too? please?
skrip: no way.
skrip: i despise dishes
skrip: i like you
skrip: but
cheetofey: hehe
skrip: no

ceh0162: woobiemocking is not nice
skrip: we're not mocking the woobie
sffan5000: {{{chrissy}}}
cheetofey: was ist?
skrip: and someone else explain woobie
skrip: i never can
ceh0162: umm
vampire1fan: please
cheetofey: thats encouraging
8:40 PM
ceh0162: did you ever see mr. mom
vampire1fan: no...
ceh0162: oh. well. the little kid had a blanket he called the woobie
cheetofey: yes
cheetofey: I love Michael Keaton
cheetofey: say no more
ceh0162: and he didn't want to give up the woobie
vampire1fan: ah...
ceh0162: and he was all sad and pouty and distraught
minalasahlit: Woobie is another word for blankie.
cheetofey: wondered if it was that simple (which doesn't usually seem to be the case around here)
vampire1fan: hee
sffan5000: and somehow that got applied to the person on a show that gets the crap kicked out of them on a regular basis
cheetofey: My dog used to have a woobie
cheetofey: ah, ok!

minalasahlit: Maybe you're a character on FF, like Badger
cheetofey: LMAO!
skrip: hee
Swendson: Sounds like a superhero on The Tick.
emungere: hee, it does
LastWingedThing: www.badgerbadgerbadger.com
Swendson: Probably a villain, someone The Tick is battling. "Well, the Ferret's not going to ruin my day!"
LastWingedThing: That site will get stuck in your head.
minalasahlit: heh
LastWingedThing: Just warning you.
cheetofey: with a Volkswagon beetle and a baseball bat, no less!
skrip: omfh
skrip: *loves mary*
LastWingedThing: Hee...
LastWingedThing: It was on that Nerd Test...
skrip: mushroom!
skrip: rotflmacompletelyo
ceh0162: what happened to skrip?
sffan5000: omg
LastWingedThing: It's the snake that gets me.
sffan5000: mays has the best weapon EVER
cheetofey: Skrip is AFK
sffan5000: Celine Dion albums
sffan5000: !
skrip: heeeee
ceh0162: i think chat just went crazy and fell asleep

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