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Bratty Mina: tobey needs to chat with us skrip: she does Bratty… - Bringing Sexy Blue Penguins Back to WalMart

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Still Flying
TWoP ScienceFiction Forums (Firefly Thread)

January 20th, 2004

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08:54 pm

Bratty Mina: tobey needs to chat with us
skrip: she does
Bratty Mina: we need her snark
sffan5000: we do

sffan5000 has left this chat.
sffan5000 has joined this chat.
skrip: *hugs*
sffan5000: evil fox run aim trying to deny me porn
10:20 PM
Bratty Mina: grrrr
emungere: *smacks aim*
skripn: *aim says, smack me again*
sffan5000: hee
emungere: hee
emungere: damn, it wasn't supposed to *like* it
sffan5000: i just thought of a new word we can use
sffan5000: befoxed
Bratty Mina: ?
sffan5000: equivalent to bedeviled
emungere: heeeee good word
skrip: hah
Bratty Mina: heee
sffan5000: except one doesn't often use bedeviled in a conversation...
emungere: we could start a trend
Bratty Mina: no
skrip: we should
Bratty Mina: perhaps just 'foxed'?
sffan5000: a fox on you instead of a pox on you

EvlFree: Jesus that girl must have like a big book of kinks
EvlFree: yep
Bratty Mina: freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
sffan5000: oh shit
skrip: don't we all have a big book of kinks?
sffan5000: hee
EvlFree: her book is bigger than my book
EvlFree: i have like a little notebook

emungere: cleaning bad, porn pretty
EvlFree: ha!
EvlFree: hell yeah
llaraselene: you are so right, eli
skrip: that'd be a great journal title

skrip: dude. this is the second time i've had streaking simon
EvlFree: he didn't realize he was nekkid
sffan5000: heheheeh
emungere: heee
llaraselene: hee!
emungere: yay nekkid simon
llaraselene: *wild applause*
EvlFree: there's a cliche there for you, streaking Simon
skrip: definitely needs to become a cliche

sffan5000: FF cliche
sffan5000: jayne ripping Simon's shirt or vest off
Bratty Mina: ?
Bratty Mina: tell!
sffan5000: i've used it TONS of times
Bratty Mina: ooooo
EvlFree: hee
llaraselene: oh,, and such a nice cliche too
sffan5000: TONS and TONS
emungere: heee
skrip: the buttons flying?
emungere: it's a good one
EvlFree: buttons clinking against the metal floor
sffan5000: yeah
sffan5000: 'cause dude? SO freakin' sexy
skrip: *looks at free*
EvlFree: what?
skrip: she's stealing my brain again

Hirschdj: why are we tying up Simon?
Hirschdj: Tie up mal
sffan5000: ooo
EvlFree: for the cliche fic
skrip: because it's pretty
Hirschdj: true
Bratty Mina: Q!!
emungere: tying up mal could become a cliche if we all work at it really hard
emungere: mal doesn't get tied up enough

EvlFree: you should hook up your email Q so that everytime you get mail, Lindsey's voice says, "Hey, did you think this was over?"
Bratty Mina: oooo
EvlFree: and then you melt into a big pile of goo
Hirschdj: why did I think I could go to you all for help getting rid of an obsession?
Hirschdj: Not one of my brightest ideas ever
EvlFree: I don't know,Q. That was kind of strange.
emungere: kind of impratical
EvlFree: we're all a bunch of enablers
sffan5000: nope
Bratty Mina: we so are
EvlFree: and kinda evil if you ask certain people
Hirschdj: I hope you will all sweep up the puddle of lindsey goo that I become and give it to a good home
11:25 PM
Hirschdj: maybe give it a nice little plaque
Bratty Mina: we can give it to Christian Kane!
Hirschdj: 'once there was girl, and now she is goo'

Hirschdj: I can feed it to you insta style if you want
Hirschdj: which sounds really dirty
Hirschdj: which was my intention, so I'm not going to apologize
skrip: hee
skrip: i found it. but feel free to insta me
Bratty Mina: heee
Bratty Mina: poooorn
Bratty Mina: add poooorn
Hirschdj: hee
skrip: *gives her mei mei a noogie*
Bratty Mina: oof!
skrip: utterly corrupted, i telly you
Hirschdj: it's not really a porny story

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